The road to the Nike Mercurial Superfly 9 starts here… Kylian Mbappé laced up for PSG’s first training session of 2022 wearing a blackout prototype of what’s expected to be the ninth model in the famed Mercurial Superfly series.

All aboard the hype train, destination: the all-new Nike Mercurial. Yep, this year will bring with it a new Mercurial in both Superfly and Vapor guise, and it looks like we’ve had our first look at the blackout prototype thanks to none other than Kylian Mbappé. The World Cup winner took to the PSG training pitch for the first session of the year in the new look boot. Mbappé stands as Nike’s shining beacon for the future, and he’s a Mercurial man through and through, so there’s little doubt about what these are.

mbappe 3-min.jpg
mbappe 2-min.jpg

So what can we expect from the Superfly 9? Despite near perfection, Nike know that to stand still is to lose ground in this game, so we’re expecting changes. Where the last two iterations have been absolutely on-point, the silhouette of this next-gen still looks to have been reworked. Add to that some likely upgrades on the underside and this is likely to be a very new beast. 

Watch this space for more on the new Nike Mercurial as and when...