With glory on the horizon on a further two fronts from Manchester City this season, winger Leroy Sane has been spotted training in a mystery Mercurial that Nike have probably provided for a special occasion…

Manchester City already have the League Cup in their trophy cabinet, and as they head into the final game of the season they’re odds on to lift the Premier League title too (although stranger things have happened, as this week’s shown us). Add to that an FA Cup final appearance against Watford on 18 May, and it’s been a fairly successful season for the sky blues. With that in mind, it appears as if Nike may be ‘rewarding’ some of their players with special edition boots, as seen on the feet of Leroy Sane in training this week.

Sane 6-min.jpg

Early indications would suggest that these mystery boots are for the FA Cup final, which means we’re likely to see Sane in them on pitch then, although nothing’s been confirmed from Nike. If they are part of a pack, which would make sense given that Sane has done nothing on an individual level to earn a pair (sorry Leroy) then we can also expect to see the likes of Sterling in a pair special edition Phantom VNM too, but nothing's been seen on that front, with the England man training in his 'Game Over' editions.

Sane 4-min.jpg
Sane 3-min.jpg

The white and gold look is a classic one that Nike tend to reserve for special occasions, providing boots with the most premium of finishes, certainly fit for any cup final. The last time Nike rolled out the look was on last year’s Limited Edition Tiempo Legend VII R10, and that followed the Limited Edition Phantom VSN Gold, both executed to absolute perfection. And this mystery Mercurial looks to be following suit, with a white base and gold heel that fades into the mid foot. The split soleplate is also gold, while the golden Swoosh has a black border to accentuate it.

Sane 2-min.jpg
Sane 1-min.jpg

No word on a release date for these or even if they're going to be available for retail, so watch this space for any news...