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Paulo Dybala Trains In adidas Glitch Ahead of World Cup

It looks like adidas have big plans in store for their disruptive Glitch silo this summer as Paulo Dybala switched into an unreleased design to meet up with his Argentina teammates this week.

The Glitch launched in October 2016 and has so far played a low-key role in the adidas boot stable. It launched exclusively in the UK via an app, and then in Germany and France, only being worn by a small number of adidas young professionals. But, the appearance of the silo on the feet of Dybala indicates that adidas could be bringing the Glitch to the market in some style.

glitch-dybala-4.jpg glitch-dybala-5.jpg
glitch-dybala-2.jpg glitch-dybala-6.jpg

The Juventus man has recently signed with the Three Stripes and has been wearing the X 17 series, but he's an ideal candidate to front the Glitch model should adidas wish to point the spotlight on it. The fact that Dybala is training in the boot suggests that he's odds-on to wear the Glitch in Russia this summer and we wouldn't bet against other adidas athletes joining him.

If that is the case then you can expect adidas to have some fun with those versatile outerskin designs, the first of which is eccentric to say the least. Dybala has his trademark logo from his celebration – just one example of adidas could deliver a bespoke design for practically every World Cup game.


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