Didier Drogba has been digging through his Nike archives to lace up in a 1999 edition of the R9 Mercurial 2.1 at Chelsea's Cobham Training Ground this week.

Numerous footballers have a go to pair of their old favourite boots but ahead of Chelsea's Champions League trip to Schalke Drogba has gone seriously old school by rocking a pair of the 1999 Mercurial 2.1 boots released when the Chelsea legend was just 21 years old. For what is now essentially a collectors item it's a strange one for Drogba to play in, whether they're an old pair of his or one he's recently added to his collection, we're unsure.

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Ronaldo wore the signature boot when it was launched in February 1999 during his Inter Milan days. Subtle changes from the 1998 edition were a touch of blue around the Swoosh and a matching blue Swoosh on the instep. Drogba has worn every generation of the Mercurial Vapor series throughout his career from the Vapor I at Guingamp to the current Vapor X in his second stint at Stamford Bridge.

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It's unlikely that the Drog will lace up in them for tonight's game which makes his choice of footwear in training all the more puzzling. Still, it's good to see an historic drop from the Mercurial family still active, Drogba must have a serious collection from his years with the brand.

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