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Nike Air Max Mercurial R9 OG

No simple stroll down memory lane, the Nike Air Max Mercurial R9 OG brings those heroic colours, symbolic of creative flair and individual Ronaldo inspired brilliance to the streets. While his days on the pitch may have ended, his legacy lives long as a player who redefined brilliance. In equal measure, this release characterises a player that won by talking with the ball at his feet in his own way. We can't get enough.

Like suiting up in your club colours, these shoes travel the distance with enviable style. Such nonchalant swagger but fast paced finishing, the iconic shapes and relentless colours are taken from the iconic R9 Mercurial boots. Silver, Blue and Yellow and meeting together, swooshing around the shoe.

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Marry that with the continued revolution of the Air Max sole and these shoes have more symbolic energy than sense. A statement of style and a tribute to a way of thinking and a way of playing that straight up wins in an utterly unique fashion. Memory lane may well be a stopping point but the destination is forever fresh.

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Simply stunning, you can pick up a pair of the beautifully reworked Mercurial R9s here.

Imagery thanks to Sneaker News.


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