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The 'Premier League Experience' by DixonBaxi

A global institution re-branded, the Premier League is a visual titan that has to stand out as a leading force across every outlet. Ensuring its broadcast value retains at its highest and curating creative collateral, the powers that be enlisted DixonBaxi to handle an aesthetic delivery that sits at the top of the table.

A powerful use of flat design that carries the values of the fresh Premier League brand, DixonBaxi describe having produced their 'Fields of Play' system as "a radical new TV experience for the world’s most watched football league." Using graphical elements to tell the story with the help of statistics, it's a layer of visual story telling that help keeps the audience informed, always.

Going further than the use of infographics, this type of design that's used to explain how a game is developing, is something well researched by DixonBaxi"We watched hundreds of hours of football to analyse all the key plays in the game. Watching players to understand movement, speed, inertia, impact and agility – and deconstructed them to create a unique behaviour that we call the ‘Field of Play’. It is an entire graphics motion intent that has its roots firmly on the pitch to create a beautiful, elegant and bold motion system. All of the graphics and titles are influenced by on-the-field movement"

Bundles of attention to detail with so many shades to kick off the Premier League party.


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