Life as one of the most famous sport stars on the planet is no doubt a crazy one. Being recognised in all walks of life must take its toll on a man eventually. Long gone are the days of a quick autograph, the camera phone is the culprit for celebrities nowadays, meaning every trip to the supermarket, dog walk or cafe will be on social media 30 seconds later.

Monster's Roc by Ronaldo put this to the test by sending Cristiano Ronaldo out for a cup of tea at a local cafe, with one challenge – Could he have more sips of tea than the number of people asking him for photos? Could he heck. Time and time again, like a neverending starstruck stream, fans wander up to the Real Madrid man with a gormless smile on their faces before poor old Ronnie can even reach for the sugar or request a chocolate digestive.

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Of course, with the camera rolling Ronaldo takes it all in his stride, laughing and joking with fans and cafe workers before finally downing his cold tea and making a dash for it. Fans often accuse players of being cut off and unsocialable but when you witness just a few minutes of CR7's life in the public eye you can see why it's all VIP parties and exclusive guest lists for the Galactico. At least he doesn't have to worry about tying his laces anymore.