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CR7 Puts On His Dancing Shoes

Ronaldo's obviously pretty happy with his signature CR7 footwear line as he launches a new ad featuring 90 seconds of his finest erotic dance moves, each and every one of them picked up from those ultra-fly Neville brothers on the Manchester dancefloors of 2003.

Except the rope pull, that's straight out of Wayne Rooney's Magaluf '05 end-of-season tour locker that one. Ronaldo's new footwear line has been forced into only producing smarter shoes due to his multi-million pound contract with Nike, who unsurprisingly refused his request for his own line of sneakers. Bet you didn't think you'd be making that much awkward eye-contact with a Ballon d'Or winner this morning did you? Bet you'll watch it again though won't you?

Some description

You know it, he knows it, we all know it. Now look him directly in the eyes and tell him what you think of his signature footwear line. For the record, he's got nuffin' on Carlos Tevez though, absolutely nuffin. That boy can throw some serious shapes.


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