The latest episode of adidas 'Gamedayplus' focuses on the tension of knockout football with legendary Champions League names talking about penalties, ambitions and keeping cool and confident under pressure.

Leo Messi talks about his how his latest signature boot is influenced by his happy childhood memories, ahead of lacing up in the Pibe de Barr10 against Manchester City on Wednesday. Mesut Özil reveals his ambitions on the ultimate stage, and Thomas Müller, Gerrard and other stars give an insight into the pressure of the dramatic penalty shoot-out.

As we enter the second legs of the last 16, penalties become a very realistic possibility and Steven Gerrard knows all too well about the most pressurised 12 yards in the game after the Istanbul 2005 final. The Liverpool captain sat down with Roman Kemp to talk about the courage of any player to step up to the mark.

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