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Lauren May Joins Rainbow Laces Campaign

Stonewall and the Gay Football Supporters Network have received a boost as QPR Ladies' striker Lauren May is on board to back their Rainbow Laces campaign.

Lauren May, who could well be Britain's answer to Alex Morgan by the way, is our new favourite ladies player for two reasons; one, we've already mentioned and two, she wears the legendary Italian Pantofola d'Oro boots. Barton on the other hand looks like a angry goat staring directly into the sun.

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In all seriousness, credit to both Joey and Lauren who are lacing up in the Rainbow Laces to show support for gay players & fans. The campaign featured last season but Barton, May and co are re-igniting the message “It’s a really important cause,” Barton said. “It’s important that we break down barriers, certainly as the predominant sport in this country. Football can make a lot of people’s lives better and this is a very simple way of us as an industry showing that we care.”

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May who signed for the R's in the summer and is currently wearing the Pantofola d'Oro Piceno Vitello boots added “It’s great that the men’s and women’s team are coming together to voice their support for the rainbow laces campaign. As football’s the biggest and most popular sport in the world, it can only benefit having players of such high calibre like Joey Barton alongside us, acting as role models in the game.”

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