As part of their 'Beats of the Beautiful Game' project, Pepsi have teamed up with music star Rita Ora and director Diego Luna for a short film shot in Luna's hometown, Mexico City.

The inspirational short tells the story of a group of young-at-heart senior citizens who form the Liga de Interclubes de Fútbol Soccer Amateur, to play the sport they love and show how timeless game of football is, no matter what age you are.

Having starred in the likes of Milk and The Terminal, Diego Luna recently took to directing (his first film César Chávez was released earlier this year) and has now tried his hand at short film with this filmtrack, the latest release from Pepsi Max's 'Beats of the Beautiful Game' visual album, an exclusive collection of 11 anthemic songs and companion short films, or ‘filmtracks,’ that capture the spirit, sights and sounds of football.

The film coincides with the official release of Rita Ora's track "I Will Never Let You Down (Switch Remix)" – which features in the short film, playing to the players as they make their way to the game, and over the end credits.

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