Ready to get you out on the road and pounding the pavement to maintain your fitness ready for the return of football, adidas unveil the latest edition of the UltraBoost. The UltraBoost 21 comes packed with 6% more Boost than UltraBoost 20 for incredible energy return.

Running is such an integral part of football, and now is the perfect time to maintain your fitness levels, thanks firstly to the lockdown and the lack of actual football, but also because Adidas have just unveiled the UltraBoost 21, the latest edition of the iconic franchise. And with it comes more Boost in the midsole for even more energy return. Anything to make a run that bit easier, right?

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Lifting the hood on the UltraBoost 21, we find, along with the aforementioned addition of another six percent of Boost foam in the midsole, a newly redesigned torsion system. adidas LEP (‘Linear Energy Push’) provides a 15 percent increase in forefoot bending stiffness for a more responsive stride. 

A global study, commissioned by adidas highlighted the power of running to aid positive transformation and improved physical and mental wellbeing in communities. Runners were shown to be 20% more likely than non-runners to experience increased energy levels, while over 40% of respondents that increased their running frequency, also said that they developed a more positive outlook on life. Over 1 in 3, meanwhile, identified the mental health benefits of running as one of their core motivating factors. 

Alberto Uncini Manganelli, General Manager/Senior Vice President, adidas Running, said: “ULTRABOOST has consistently been a unique and sensational blend of iconic design, revolutionary innovations, unparalleled performance and unique consumer experience. 

“BOOST and PRIMEKNIT have created and elevated new industry standards, while PRIMEBLUE has set a new benchmark of sustainability and adidas LEP is setting new standards of performance.”

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The adidas UltraBoost 21 will be available from from 4 February