With the release of the revolutionary Copa 19 last week, adidas decided to invite local talent from the sports and media worlds to step into history before experiencing a redefined touch as they laid on an experience for the original Copa Mundial, followed by the brand new Copa 19.

Held at Fulham’s training ground, the event saw influencers from around the country gathered together to experience the exquisite comfort and touch of a boot that has been around for the best part of the last four decades, the Copa Mundial. Boasting a legacy that’s as impressive as anything in the game, the Mundial is rightly heralded as a classic in every sense of the word. You’ve only got to look at that sumptuous K-leather vamp. Sublime.

The Copa 19 landed with the bold claim that it has reinvented touch. Well, adidas has certainly reinvented the K-leather upper, providing a seamless, cushioned vamp that looks fit for 2019. But they wanted to show how it stands up against the master of touch. Players first went for a run out in the Copa Mundial before switching it up to the Copa 19.

copaplaytest 5050 15-min.jpg
copaplaytest 5050 14-min.jpg
copaplaytest 5050 8-min.jpg
copaplaytest 5050 13-min.jpg
copaplaytest 5050 9-min.jpg
copaplaytest 5050 4-min.jpg
copaplaytest 5050 3-min.jpg
copaplaytest 5050 11-min.jpg
copaplaytest 5050 10-min.jpg
copplaytest 5050 5-min.jpg
copaplaytest 5050 1-min.jpg
copaplaytest 5050 2-min.jpg

Both boots looked the part in their own unique fashion; the classic aesthetic of the Copa Mundial almost defines what a football boot should look like, where as the Copa 19 in comparison looks like it’s from the future. 40 years in the future to be precise.

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