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Umbro Neo Pro "A No Nonsense Guide"

So often in football, that faint line between success and failure can be critical. Under the hood is where winning takes place and with a straight talking video and striking visual aesthetic, Umbro have released a "No Nonsense Guide" to their Neo Pro collection.

Stepping away from the boot world and into that of equipment, the collection is lead by the fundamental playmaker  the Neo Pro football. Carrying over the creative angle, the collection then extends into the Neo Pro Shotgun goalkeeper gloves and Neo Pro shin guards. On the surface, the video goes the distance in pin pointing the cosmetics of each product but also weaves through into the technical detailing that lives in the respective threads. No unnecessary jargon or passive buzz words, this gets to the point with a tough of gold  not to mention a "vibrant white, black, orange pop and diva blue".

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Colourways that supercharge the double diamond in 2017, there are stand out elements for each product while championing a vibrant game with simplistic minimalism. The Neo Pro Football has been designed with an exclusive Teijin microfiber casing with textured hexadimple surface to allow for a truer flight while the 14 panel hand stitched seam makes for a construction that has been designed to quite simply make it easier to hit the desired target.

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Much like the ball, the Neo Pro Shotgun Goalkeeper Gloves are washed in the tasteful graphics though again the devil is in the diamond detail. The graphics are said to "improve peripheral acuity"  so much like the ball, you see it coming. More specific to the gloves however, their "shotgun cut" has been introduced to allow for a fast, accurate distribution of the ball while the anatomical wrist support was engineered to give an ergonomic fit and provide freedom of movement. On the palm, there's a magnetic grip thanks to the elite 4mm German pro spec all weather latex and the silicon anti-abrasion coating in key touch points means there's a greater level of durability.

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Sealing the deal under the sock, the Neo Pro Shin Guard completes the pack. The fully flexible TPU protective layer provides an anatomical adaptive fit so it effectively moulds to your leg while the accompanying stretch recovery sleeve with welded mesh calf zone provides a secure fit so ultimately one major thing less to worry about.

A lot of detail delivered with a smart video and clean benefits. Suit up here.


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