Rising and rising with pace essential to his game, Joshua Kimmich is a Nike athlete and Bayern Munich talent that has trained his way to the top. Always developing, always looking to relish that fresh challenge, we caught up with him to understand a little more about where this boy wonder sprints in from.

Let's start at the beginning. How was your first club? Can you remember your first match?

"I can recall my first training very well. My mother drove with me to the club and asked them if I could join in. I also can remember my first match. We won 11-3 and I even scored a goal."

Being a part of Bayern is a big deal. How do you see your opportunities for growth and development there?

"I am very proud to have the opportunity to learn from some of the world's best and to compete with them. The competition has definitely had a positive impact on my development and it forces me to improve."

You've already played in front of 42,000 fans before you came to Bayern and now in front of 75,000. That all happened quite quickly. If you think back to your time at Stuttgart, how has this journey felt up to now?

"It was definitely a constant development. I've always trained hard but the training at Bayern has a new level of intensity and quality and I experienced a lot within the last year; I had the chance to make my debut in many competitions, then winning the championship and the DFB-Cup, and participating in the European Championship, and proving my skills in the Champions League at the highest level. It was a brilliant year."

You’re compared with many other players, but who were your idols and who had an influence on you?

"I was always an admirer of Xavi Hernandez. Especially because he wasn't noticeable so much for his lank figure but rather because of his technique, his eye and his ability to support his teammates on the pitch and how he had an impact on the whole game. This way of playing is fascinating for me. And moreover, the daily cooperation with world-class players at Bayern or in the national team is very inspiring."

What crossed your mind when you scored the first goal for Bayern? Can you put that in to words?

"Of course it is a phenomenal feeling to score and at the end of the day winning and goals is what every player aims for. But goals are not always a sign for good performance. Of course it's great to score and help your team to win."

When you're not on the pitch and you’re about to give your all in training, how do you focus?

"As I want to improve myself and my play I don't find it difficult to give everything in training. I demand this of myself so that it is easy to focus on giving everything in training."

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During your development you gradually had the chance to compete with the best. How did you handle the growing challenges? Has it changed the way you prepare yourself?

"A challenge also means development. I was always amongst brilliant players and that made me work even harder."

How important is your equipment? Your boots are the tools you go to work with after all.

"Obviously comfortable football boots are very important. When I am getting used to a boot I play a bit longer in it, which subconsciously gives me more security."

How does it feel to be a part of the German national team?

"The nomination for the national team was the fulfilment of a childhood dream. I never dared to dream to become so fast a part of the national team, but I enjoy every minute and I'm very proud."

What effect does the atmosphere in the stadium have on you? Is that a kind of adrenaline-kick?

"Yes, it is. A sold-out stadium [makes for] a great atmosphere and it gives you a great push. Football lives on that passion and emotions are very important."

How important is it for you to have the right people around you in a game that is incredibly busy?

"That's very important. Trust is incredibly important and [rather than] the number of people around you, it’s best to only have a few who are honest and open and whom you can trust 100%."

You grew up with social media as a part of daily life. Do you feel the pressure to continually be in the spotlight?

"No, actually not. Of course social media has changed things and surely you have to be careful with it but I don't feel pressure because of it."

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