Nike have announced plans to release an Elite Digital Ink Sock that features high-definition graphics and vivid colors. As it stands the new technology will only appear on Nike Basketball socks, but it's obviously got us thinking, could this work on football shirts?

After four years of testing and design, Nike have developed the new Nike Elite Digital Ink printing process, offering more color and print options than ever before.

The Nike Elite Digital Ink printing process gives Nike designers the power to emblazon the Elite sock with high-definition graphics and a myriad of vivid colours free of image distortion or fading. Only 2014 pairs of the first edition sock will be made and have been printed using the  four most popular ink colors used in most color printing – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & black.

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A variety of initial printing styles are represented in the First Edition, including drip effects, distortions, geometric patterns and typeface. Imagine that on football shirts or even knitted boots, you could come up with pretty unique designs. Are the days of standard template shirts numbered?

The Nike Elite Digital Ink Socks will be available at from June 21st. What do you think? Reckon it would work on football shirts? Let us know.