adidas have rolled out the official match ball for the Euro 2016 Qualifying matches. A re-designed ball based on the Brazuca will take centre stage as teams battle to take their place at the Finals in France in two years time.

The adidas Euro 2016 Qualifiers Ball is provided to all teams to use as part of their friendlies and qualification matches. Non contracted teams are not obliged to use the ball however and can use a ball of their discretion or relative to their sponsorships. This applies purely for qualification, during tournament all teams are obliged to use the official match ball.

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Technology-wise you're looking at the same Brazuca ball but the colourful design inspired by the 2014 World Cup hosts Brazil is replaced by a stripped back white/black/red combo. Over 2.5 years of research, development and testing went into the production of the Brazuca and it's a result that adidas are obviously pleased with. Only visual adjustments to the Brazuca differentiate the Europa League, Bundesliga and Euro Qualifying ball this season. The ball is still made from six thermally bonded panels however the finishing design does not follow the welded lines as they did on the ball from Brazil.

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