Ask any player what they want from a shin guard and the most popular answer will be defined as invisible but reliable protection. Eliminate distraction and reduce injury. G-Form are doing exactly that with a new generation of Pro-S shin guards that are proving a popular choice on the professional scene.

Using their own unique concepts and advanced technologies, G-Form have produced a shin guard collection that moulds to the leg of the player, takes away the need for tape or compression sleeves and tips the scales as one of the lightest on the market. G-Form have achieved this with their Reactive Protective Technology. Sounds clever, right? Well, it is. It's a science in its own right. 

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The technology allows the soft and flexible G-Form Pro-S (yellow) and Pro-S Elite (black, slightly lower profile) shin guards to harden on impact and absorb the energy from any force applied to the guard. Once the impact is absorbed the shin guard returns to the soft and flexible state. In simple terms, the guard is soft, flexible and unnoticeable until it's hit. Like a boxer taking a jab, it immediately returns to it's original stance.

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The strategically placed protection is built into a compression sleeve on both the Pro-S and Pro-S Elite guards to create a product that becomes a protective ghost wrapped around the shin. No mid-match adjusting, no last minute scramble for tape, the G-Form pads are designed to mould to body and stay perfectly in place. Machine washable and breathable, the G-Form Pro-S collection quite literally ticks every box on the shin guard check list. Making the same battered pair that you've had for the last five seasons look a little dated aren't they!?

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