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Nike Launch The Limited Edition 'United Golden' Pack

Released in celebration of what was a hugely successful tournament this summer, Nike have revealed the ‘United Golden’ pack, wrapping the Air Zoom Mercurial, Phantom GX, Phantom Luna and Tiempo Legend in suits that simply scream victory.

The women’s World Cup this year in Australia and New Zealand was hugely successful, and was yet another step in the ongoing development and advancement of the women’s game. For the tournament, Nike dressed out their stars in the ‘United’ Pack, bringing all four of its silos together for the first time in a corresponding colourway that represented a new dawn in her game. Now, with the tournament long-since wrapped up, the Swoosh takes stock and looks back on the action through a victorious lens. And nothing screams victory like gold.

united golden 5-min.jpg
united golden 3-min.jpg
united golden 2-min.jpg
united golden 4-min.jpg

As such, the Air Zoom Mercurial Vapor XV and Superfly IX, Phantom GX, Phantom Luna and Tiempo Legend X once again unify in corresponding colourways, this time with a golden edge. In fairness, it’s more of a combination of regular and rose gold, playing out across the wide based uppers. There’s some hits of volt thrown in on the Phantom Luna and Mercurial too, highlighting the ket tech callouts from each (Cyclone 360 soleplate for the former, and Air Zoom unit for the latter). The same golden graphic features across three of the four silos, with the Phantom Luna instead opting for a crisper white execution.

Just 164 pairs of each boot has been made to represent the number of goals scored over the duration of the 2023 Women's World Cup – get 'em when you can.

united golden 13-min.jpg
united golden 11-min.jpg
united golden 12-min.jpg
united golden 10-min.jpg
united golden 9-min.jpg
united golden 7-min.jpg
united golden 6-min.jpg
united golden 8-min.jpg
united golden 17-min.jpg
united golden 15-min.jpg
united golden 14-min.jpg
united golden 16-min.jpg

The Nike United Golden Pack will be available in limited numbers from 11 December at

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