Taking focus on something pretty left-field, New Balance unveil a new signature edition boot for Harvey Elliott. The design of the Tekela V4 ‘Paisley’ edition takes the Liverpool midfielder’s strong connection with his dog, Paisley, as inspiration.

Things have always come early for Harvey Elliott: in 2018 he became the youngest player to play in the EFL Cup, aged 15 years and 174 days; on 4 May 2019, Elliott made his Premier League debut after coming on as a 88th-minute substitute, a move that made him the youngest ever Premier League player at the time, at 16 years and 30 days. Then, having signed for Liverpool, he joined New Balance back in April 2021, and by February 2022 he had his first signature edition boot. Now, 18 months on, he gets his second signature edition, and it’s dedicated to his dog, Paisley.

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Elliott and his family have long been Liverpool fans, and that’s displayed in the choice of name for the family dog. That dog is incredibly close to Harvey Elliott’s heart, and so he chose him to be the inspiration for his latest signature edition boot. “I think there’s a massive love towards him and obviously I’m not sure what goes through his brain, but hopefully he can sense that and see the love that he brings us and we want to give back to him,” Elliott explained. “He’s one of a kind, and in every way possible I want to keep him with me and bring him on these journeys with me. And I think there’s no better way of doing that than having the dog on the back of my boot.

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The Tekela v4 low ‘Paisley’ sees a red base with silver accents throughout. The ’N’ branding on the upper features the HE19 tag repeatedly, while the heel features silver bones scattered across, with an image of Paisley’s face riding atop it all, with his name below.

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Talking more about the boot’s design, Elliott said: “I wanted butterflies on my boot, and they were able to put that in on the insoles. There’s a few little quotations that they’ve been able to put in here and there – they’ve put dog bones all around my boots and underneath my boot as well, and then in the New Balance logo, they’ve put my logo, the HE19, which is a big part as well. They’re all the small details that maybe won’t be seen from afar, but for me, I can see every detail of it and every detail I’ve asked for they’ve been able to deliver it, and put it in the boot."

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Pick up the New Balance Tekela v4 "Paisley" at prodirectsport.com/soccer