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Nike Launch CR7's Signature 2022 World Cup Mercurial

Nike have revealed Cristiano Ronaldo's signature Mercurial series to be worn at the 2022 World Cup. The Portugal captain will be lacing up in the Mercurial Air Zoom Superfly IX with an exclusive pattern that pays tribute to Portuguese culture and design.

Anyone want to take a guess at how many signature Nike Mercurials Cristiano Ronaldo has had now? The answer? 31. A testament of his longevity at the very elite of the game. Will this one be his last ever signature Nike boot? Time will tell, but you can bet he won't lose grip easily on any hopes of playing the next World Cup in the US.


This boot right here will be worn by the main man when Portugal get their 2022 World Cup campaign underway in November as CR7 prepares to have a crack at that elusive title in his relentless hunt for unanimous GOATness status. The design for his Mercurial Air Zoom boot is inspired by Azulejo tiles – a Portuguese national treasure.


The unique graphic will ensure Ronaldo will carry a piece of home with him when he aims to deliver the ultimate prize for his country. The design is even present on the soleplate of the boot as Nike back their man to stand out at the World Cup – all other Nike players are set to wear their brand's official World Cup pack which will drop in the coming weeks.


Golden details wrap up the premium look for CR7, with his logo present on the heels of the boots. Thirty-one signature Nike Mercurials. Will we ever see a Nike icon with such a rich signature boot series as CR7 ever again? A player that resonates so hard on and off the pitch? Time will tell. But you can bet one thing... he ain't done yet.


The Nike Mercurial Air Zoom CR7 series is available at from Oct 31.


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