Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, get your wallets and purses at the ready, because Nike have just launched the ‘Shadow Pack’ – low key colour updates for the Mercurial Vapor 14, Superfly 8 and Phantom GT II, and you’ll be wanting them.

It’s all well and good in theory wanting the same boots that the professionals wear, but then you get a pack that won’t be worn on pitch by the pros, and it looks just so damn good that you forget all about wanting to emulate your heroes. And that’s certainly the case with Nike’s offerings so far this season, for as good as the ‘Blueprint Pack’ look is, we’re all about the new ‘Shadow Pack’. So simple, yet so good.

shadow 6-min.jpg
shadow 7-min.jpg

The ‘Shadow Pack’ is Nike’s stealthy seasonal update, the perfect option for those that want to let their play do the talking on the pitch. The name says it all really, with the Mercurial Vapor 14, Superfly 8 and Phantom GT II all drenched in darkness, as often tends to happen around the turn of a new year. Nike manage to nail their blackout boots year in, year out (see last year’s Black x Prism Pack, and Renew Pack for evidence) but they may well have just outdone even themselves here.

For this drop, the boots are obviously coated in black, but then there is the subtle introduction of gold accents that pop primarily through the branding. For the Mercurial, added details flash through the forefoot in an execution that’s lifted straight off the Blueprint pack. 

The Phantom GT II then gets added grey details through the upper, adding a subtle definition that really boosts the overall aesthetics. But there’s no Tiempo here… at least not yet anyway. Watch this space on that one. 

All in all it’s not a dissimilar look to that of the ‘Black Lux’ pack from 2019, and for us, you just can’t beat the combination of black and gold.

shadow 9-min.jpg
shadow 10-min.jpg

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