Primed and ready mainly for an appearance at this summer’s Copa America, adidas wrap the Nemeziz.1 in gold for the latest signature look for Lionel Messi, tying it in with the wider ‘Showpiece’ pack that has just dropped.

The last few weeks has seen Lionel Messi playing in what we now know is an extended addition to the recently released ‘Showpiece’ pack from adidas. That pack drop has seen the Predator Freak and X Ghosted wrapped in silver hues as a nod to the success and the silverware that can be won at the end of the season. That pair are set to appear in the Europa League and Champions League finals this week, before taking their places on pitches in both the Euros and Copa America. But with Barca missing out on any European finals this season, Messi just decided to lace his latest golden signature edition up early. Fair enough.

messi 4-min.jpg
messi 2-min.jpg

There’s a lot of rumours doing the rounds that the Nemeziz silo could be coming to an end in the very near future, and if that is the case then this is almost certain to be the last signature edition Nemeziz Messi boot; a last hurrah before calling time. So it’s fitting that it takes on a golden upper, in contrast to the silvers of the Predator Freak and X Ghosted. The gold is then joined by personalised embellishment details and Messi’s signature logo in scarlet.

As one of the joint host nations along with Colombia, Argentina will go into the Copa America with high hopes, and, like the rumours surrounding the Nemeziz, this could well be a final curtain call on the international stage for Messi. Would certainly be poetic to see both bow out together with a win.

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