Paying tribute to Messi's roots and the beginnings of his football journey, adidas have unveiled the Nemeziz Messi. The striking design is split across the two boots, with the right celebrating Rosario, and the left reserved for Barcelona.

When Leo Messi turns up in a new pair of boots, it’s a fairly safe bet that it’ll be his latest signature edition. And sure enough, when he turned out for training this week in a bright, eye-catching design, that proved to be the case, confirmed when adidas officially launched the latest Nemeziz Messi 19.1.

messi nemeziz 19.1 soccerbible_0005_Layer 5.jpg

The latest signature design for Messi sees a unique graphic split across the two boots, paying homage to the two places that have defined his life so far: Rosario, the place of his birth, on the right, and Barcelona, where he has forged his greatness, on the left. The graphic includes his iconic number 10 and an image him celebrating, alongside other specific callouts to his life. “Royal Blue/ Solar Yellow” colourway is embellished with silver details on the Three Stripes and Messi logo.

Tech-wise there’s nothing new here from the standard Nemeziz, just that radical, bespoke graphic for the little magician. We're not convinced that you'll pull these off in your Sunday league when it returns, but Messi? Yeah, he can get away with just about anything, and you can witness that when he wears them for the return of the Champions League this month.

messi nemeziz 19.1 soccerbible_0004_Layer 6.jpg
messi nemeziz 19.1 soccerbible_0003_Layer 7.jpg
messi nemeziz 19.1 soccerbible_0000_Layer 10.jpg

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