It looks as though PUMA are set to have a dedicated speed boot in their setup for the first time since 2017, after the brand released a short video featuring Antoine Griezmann, Usain Bolt and Lewis Hamilton teasing an upcoming boot release.

There’s been a mystery PUMA prototype doing the rounds on the feet of numerous pros for a few months now, but it looks as though we’re nearing an official release date after the German brand released a short video teasing the boot and the fact that “Speed is Back”. That slogan eludes to a return of a dedicated speed boot for the brand for the first time since the evoSPEED was retired as part of the shake up that saw the introduction of the ONE silo back in 2017. 

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Speed is back 👀

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Alongside the video, certain “tease” glimpses have also surfaced. So what do these and the video tell us about the boot itself? Well for a start it looks as though Antoine Griezmann is going to be one of the main men lacing up in it upon its release. Further to that, we’d hazard a guess that the blurred graphic could well be an indication of at least part of the colour of the boot on launch, and that seems to be partly confirmed by the sneak peek images. Although we wouldn’t be surprised to see the boot arrive in full vibrant orange to make a statement – the pics do say ‘speed prototype’ quite clearly, so it could be misleading to think that the black with orange accents was the launch look. Still, time will tell on that one.

As for the tech of the boot, we don’t get anything else other than what we’ve already seen. They look like they combine some of the best features from both the ONE and Future silos, while they have a completely reworked upper, and it certainly seems to be constructed from some type of yarn material with a one-piece tongue construction. It’s certainly more reminiscent of the evoSPEED line than anything we’ve seen for a while, and on the back of the tease, that now makes a lot more sense. Early suggestions have been that this new boot will replace the ONE in PUMA’s lineup, which would make sense seeing as that replaced the evoSPEED three years ago; certain amount of symmetry in the evolution.

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Keep your eyes peeled for a release anytime now...