Ready for a return to the pitch, Umbro give the Medusae III a fresh lick of paint, wrapping it in red for a bold burst of vibrancy that’s primed for performance. With previous looks for the Medusae not veering far away from monochromatic blacks and whites, the "Toreador/White/Merlot" colourway is a bright and welcome addition to the ranks.

Leather boots are a key component of Umbro’s performance products, playing a huge part of the brand’s heritage in the game, and the Medusae III has been the key boot to take that position forward into the modern day. Constructed from an innovative one-piece K-leather upper, it still offers the comfort and control that you’d expect from a leather boot, but it’s combined with an engineered knitted collar and laceless entry, offering a responsive, easy fit. And now Umbro present it in one of its boldest colourways to date.

umbro 9-min.jpg

Since its launch in the latter part of 2018, the Medusae III has enjoyed a varied array of looks, never straying far from the base tones, as seen with the sleek blackout from late last year and the clean “White/Blue” launch from earlier this year. But the “Toreador/White/Merlot” is certainly its boldest presentation yet. It combines two different shades of red, with the leather forefoot adopting a lighter shade and the knitted collar and rear foot taking on a darker hue. Bursts of white details then pop throughout the upper, highlighting the Double Diamond logo, before making a bigger appearance on the soleplate.

umbro 5-min.jpg
umbro 4-min.jpg
umbro 8-min.jpg
umbro 7-min.jpg
umbro 6-min.jpg

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