A new decade, a new generation. As Nike prepare for the twenties, the Swoosh are laying down the future foundations with one of their final releases of 2019. This here is Kylian Mbappé's first signature Mercurial boot and collection – a significant drop that propels the Frenchman into the front of Nike's plans.

The past decade was indisputably ruled with a Swoosh by Cristiano Ronaldo, and while he's hardly on the scrapheap yet, Nike are setting their sights on a new icon of speed: step forward Kylian Mbappé. The PSG striker, along with teammate Neymar will be Nike's duo of attackers with signature collections to lead the line into a new decade.


Kylian Mbappé’s explosive rise from Parisian schoolboy to global star is chronicled in his first Nike collection, crowned by the launch of his own Mercurial Superfly 7. In addition to the boots, the collection includes an Air Max 98, a Nike F.C. jersey, hoodie, T-shirt, hip pack, cap and a football. All are infused with the swagger Mbappé brings to the pitch and his enduring love for Bondy, the Parisian suburb he grew up in. 

“Bondy is always in my heart; it’s where I found and fell in love with football,” says Mbappé. “It helped shape me as a person and as a player. I have a lot to be thankful for and it is special that Bondy is at the center of this collection. Back then I had my heroes and many of them had their own special edition Nike boot, so to join them in now having one of my own is a dream come true.”


The boots, along with the Air Max 98 sneakers, feature his 'KM' logo, French flag, then there’s the appearance of the circled T-90-esque 93 on the insole of the right shoe. 93 is the administrative number of Seine-Saint-Denis in France, the area in which Mbappe’s home town of Bondy resides. The area is often referred to simply as the 93. 


Shop the full Nike Mercurial Mbappé collection at prodirectsoccer.com from December 11.