In case you hadn’t heard, there’s a new Mercurial in town, and as if to highlight that fact Nike follow up the double debut drop from the weekend with a special limited-edition "Laser Orange/Black/Hyper Crimson" release of the Superfly VII, with only 2019 pairs being available globally.

The 13th generation Mercurial Vapor and the 7th generation Superfly dropped in a duo of colourways this weekend, with the stealthy “Under the Radar” release being wrapped in shadow while the brighter “New Lights” made its on-pitch debut in the Women’s World Cup final. But now they’re being followed up by a first limited edition release for the latest in the Mercurial line, and it hints at the potential for some radical designs in the future.


Where the graphics and branding on the “New Lights” release were all white on that blue core, the orange limited edition release combines black and white for a stunning rear foot design. The “Just Do It” and “Merc” callouts appear again in bold white, but they overlay an intricate “Just Do It” print, and it’s here that we see the potential for what the new Mercurial can do going forward.

Not only are Nike giving themselves the option to release new colourways, the Swoosh also have the freedom to alter the heel and rear foot graphic, allowing another level of potential personalisation, as well as the option for special editions to expand into exciting new territory.


For this limited edition, the new dropped Swoosh that was influenced by the VaporFly and ZoomFly takes on another dimension, with its black outline being shadowed by another swoosh in a darker shade of orange. The Flyknit upper has a much deeper texture all round, thanks to the introduction of a tenacity yarn, which is stronger and lighter than anything used in past FlyKnit uppers.

Underneath, a new AerowTrac plate runs through the centre of the footbed, offering a greater, snappier and more responsive power transfer. The stud tips take on a green colouring, tying in with the colouring on the inside of the boot.

Wrapped in premium style, you can't help but feel that this is just a taste of what Nike can and will do with the new Mercurial. Exciting times ahead for sure...


If you want the limited edition orange Superfly VII it's available at, but best be quick...