Keeping their innovation straightforward and fit for purpose, Umbro launch the new UX Accuro III in a limited edition orange colourway under the message “Our Game Just Works.” The new Accuro III features D3O technology for the first time in a football boot, increasing the overall control and comfort of the boot.

Umbro has been responsible for some of the most unique kit releases ahead of the 2019/20 season so far, with individual flavour dripping from each one. Now they’ve applied that approach to the new UX Accuro III, which for the first time ever sees D3O technology in a boot. D3O is a globally patented and branded technology, which is applied to protective products used by armed forces, industrial workers and athletes. It’s more recently worked its way into football through its use on certain goalkeeper gloves, and the UX Accuro III represents the first time it’s been seen on a boot. 

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The initial limited edition release is so coloured as a nice nod to the orange of the D3O brand. So what does the inclusion of D3O actually do? Simply put, it absorbs impact and dissipates the energy. So by using the technology in the fore- and midfoot of the boot, Umbro have been able to increase the amount of energy dissipated when a player receives the ball, thereby enhancing ball control. It’s like a glue-covered boot – just without the stickiness.

While D3O is obviously the headline feature on the UX Accuro III, it doesn’t just stop there. A host of simple technological features have been incorporated into the boot including a U-fit collar to ensure stability and support around the heel and Memory Flex technology, so the boot works in conjunction with the natural movement of the foot. A unique Pro Stance outsole also delivers comfort and endurance over long distances. All bases covered.

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