EA has unveiled four pairs of custom boots that will be worn in Premier League games from this weekend. Man Utd’s Jesse Lingard, Tottenham Hotspur’s Erik Lamela, West Ham Utd’s Felipe Anderson and Leicester City’s Kasper Schmeichel will wear the boots that have been inspired by Electronic Art’s latest game, ‘Anthem’.

The boots are customised based on each player’s playing style combined with the ‘Javelin suit’ that features in the new ‘Anthem’ game. They are the result of a collaboration between EA, adidas and French boot-designer Pierre Navarro who has previously designed for Antoine Griezmann, Romelu Lukaku, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Didier Drogba, along with a host of other stars. 


Jesse Lingard will wear his Nemeziz on his return from injury, Felipe Anderson will be in his Predator as West Ham take on Cardiff, while Erik Lamela and Kasper Schmeichel will wear their COPAs in their games against Southampton and Fulham respectively. Each boot will feature a unique design in the colours and style of the Storm, Interceptor, Ranger and Colossus Javelin suits that are available in Anthem. 

In the game, players customise an array of powered Javelin exosuits and team up to face a dangerous and ever-changing world through exploration and combat. The Javelin suits provide their wearers with superhuman capabilities and the players have been matched with the Javelins that reflect their own abilities.


Jesse Lingard's Storm is a specialist in inflicting damage from distance, Felipe Anderson's Interceptor is the most agile, equipped with lightning-fast speed, Lamela's Ranger is an all-rounder that has strong defence and attack, and Schmeichel's Colossus is the largest and most powerful, commanding the combat area. Yeah, not bad match ups there, although we don't remember Lamela for his defensive capabilities...

While the boots are unavailable to buy, you can get the Anthem game here.