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adidas Launch Women's COPA 19.1 "Exhibit Pack"

Dropping a bonus round into the recently released "Exhibit Pack" adidas have delivered exclusive women's colourways on the COPA 19.1 and Predator 19.1. Throwing a combination of black, pink and grey across the duo of silos, it's an offering that'll turn heads.

This mini "Exhibit Pack" collection may be titled as a "Women's Specific" drop, but the reality is that this design will appeal to all players. Pink ain't for girls, certainly not in this modern game. Yes, the boot features a slightly thinner design for female feet, but the size run does go right up to a UK 13 so if it fits, it's fair game for all.


The COPA 19.1 features an all black leather upper with a splash of pink around the trademark three stripes, and inside the boot too. The women's pack is only available in the laced 19.1 designs rather than the laceless options, but what we're looking at here is a stunningly stealthy boot with envious curves. 

Pick up the adidas COPA 19.1 football boots from


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