Dropping in a black and white look that is elevated by a regal gold trim, Nike pay tribute to their longest-lasting silo, the Tiempo 7, with an exclusive special edition colourway.

The Tiempo stands out as a true classic amongst Nike’s ever evolving array of boots, and as the longest surviving current silo it takes on a special edition "White/Black/Gold" colourway, almost of a sign of its superiority and iconic status.


The special edition Tiempo Legend 7 takes a classic black and white aesthetic and pimps it up with golden accents throughout. In case you’re getting a major sense of deja vu, yes, we’ve seen that gold lined swoosh before, only last year in fact when it was used on Sergio Ramos’s signature edition series on the same silhouette. It sits perfectly again here, alongside the golden ‘Tiempo’ lettering on the black Flyknit heel. Flip the boot and transparent studs in the forefoot give off yet more flashes of gold.


Now, gold on the Tiempo is nothing new, having featured countless times in the past, but it somehow feels right, the pair going together like the Mercurial and Nike favourite trademark palette of Volt. Nike are giving the Tiempo some independence from the rest of their collection – currently all decked out in the ‘Always Forward’ guise – and this special edition "White/Black/Gold" colourway does the trick and then some.

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