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Closer Look at the Neymar "Meu Jogo" Mercurial Vapor 360

After Neymar gave a scoring debut to his latest signature Nike boot to help Brazil reach the 2018 World Cup Quarter Finals, we're taking a closer look at the "Meu Jogo" Mercurial Vapor 360 – a boot he'll remain in for the duration of the tournament.

Nike sprung a surprise in Samara yesterday as Neymar emerged for the warm up against Mexico wearing a bespoke edition of the Mercurial Vapor 360. As kick off emerged the Swoosh announced that the Brazilian had been supplied with a new signature design for the tournament titled "Meu Jogo" – translating to "My Game". 51 minutes and a few forward rolls later, and Neymar had opened his account in them, scoring the first goal in his side's 2-0 Last 16 victory.


The Neymar Jr. "Meu Jogo" Mercurial Vapor 360 is delivered in canary yellow with an underfoot graphic that leverages the 360 construction of the Mercurial. "Meu Jogo" references Neymar's commitment to playing his game. In his own words, Neymar says of his playing style, "I got here because of my football. If football brought me to where I am, if it made me conquer the things I did, then I don't need to change."

Yeah, it's a bit similar to the launch colourway of the Mercurial Vapor 360, but it's a smart twist nonetheless. Not strictly a limited edition, but the Neymar Jr. "Meu Jogo" Mercurial Vapor 360 has dropped in slightly less numbers than a normal Mercurial release.

2-neymar-world-cup-mercurial.jpg 3-neymar-world-cup-mercurial.jpg
5-neymar-world-cup-mercurial.jpg 11-neymar-world-cup-mercurial.jpg

The words "Ousadia Algeria" feature on the insoles of the boot, translating to "daring" and "joy" – a message Neymar carries into each game. The personalised details are rounded off with Neymar's logo on the tip of the tongue area, replacing the Vapor branding on the standard versions.

Neymar will return to action wearing his new exclusive design on Friday 6 July when Brazil take on Belgium in Kazan for a place in the semi-final of the 2018 World Cup. Will it be his second and final chance of wearing the boot? Something tells us we'll see them in Moscow on July 15.


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