The second drop of the Nike R10 City Collection pays tribute to Ronaldinho's time at Barcelona and AC Milan. Two heroic chapters in the Brazilian's career are acknowledged with respective FootballX colourways.

The Barcelona and Milan editions follow the first two colourways from the R10 TiempoX collection that highlighted his time in Porto Alegre in Southern Brazil (Navy) and his time Paris in with PSG in 2001 (black). The secondary drop goes mainstream to celebrate the most prolific part of his career.


The Barcelona futsal shoe is decorated in white with a gold Swoosh to pay tribute to his signature Tiempo from his time at the Camp Nou, while the Milan edition is in traditional club red and black as a nod towards the title winning exploits of 2011.

A unique entertainer who lit up pitches and put smiles on faces throughout his 20 year career. An icon who inspired a generation of the futsal game, it's fitting that the 10R City Collection drops exclusively in turf and indoor options. 


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