Another exclusive women's colourway hits the shelves as adidas roll out the Nemeziz 17.1 in a "Trace Blue/Red Zest" combination. A modest upper with three neon stripes, it's all pleasing vibes on the diminutive silo.

Following on from the first women's exclusive colourway on the Predator 18.1 series, the Nemeziz is released with laces rather than the laceless 17+ version. The colourway is labelled as the women's edition, but it goes deeper than just the paint pots. After all, are any colourways restricted to one gender? Certainly not any more. It's the actual tech of the boot that differentiates it from the men's boot.


The women's Nemeziz 17.1 actually has narrowed outsole structure, specifically design for ladies. It's visible on the heel area, as are the modified studs which take on a slightly alternative formation in comparison to the men's design. Still, if it fits then there's no stopping any one wearing them, especially when you consider the sizing runs from 3.5-9 UK.

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