PUMA throw some December destruction on the futsal market as they launch the new 365 Ignite collection. Re-writing the rulebooks of football futsal design, PUMA rattle the cage and and shake the streets with a concept packed with innovative character.

PUMA are ending the year by making some serious changes to their football footwear collection. We've already seen the introduction of the Future 18.1 and ONE 17.1 boots, and now the urban game scene is set upon with a remastered concept of small-sided football. Featuring a bold hi-cut look the PUMA 365 Ignite Street shoes feature a high knitted supportive sock that creates a distinctive silhouette.


Dropping in both "Flame Scarlet/Black" and "Black/Castor Grey" the 365 Ignite uses an air mesh upper with a PUMA branded elasticated band to increase lockdown on hard surfaces. Yeah, at first glance it looks like it belongs in a boxing ring, but once you break things down and see the knitted sock as an extension of the shoe it begins to make sense. Even if it doesn't, it looks next-level.


PUMA have also dropped a lo-cut version of the shoe, that simply removes the knitted sock construction. A 365 Netfit edition also drops under the new 365 series, using the same lacing system as the Future 18.1 football boot. A radical transformation that'll turn heads from the street to the cage, and more evidence of an aggressive change in direction for PUMA Football heading into 2018. Unpredictable and undeniably disruptive. We're notĀ mad about that...

Pick up the PUMA 365 Ignite Collection fromĀ prodirectsoccer.com