PUMA's special edition evoPOWER series receives a secondary colour-up in vibrant fashion as the brand add another option to their evoPOWER Vigor 1 Dot boot. An upgraded version of the standard boot, it's one that packs a punch.

So this isn't a normal evoPOWER? Not quite. We'll admit, PUMA's boot line-up can be pretty confusing to follow. You've got numerous editions of the evoSPEED and now two choices when it comes to the evoPOWER. The Vigor 1 Dot, featured here, drops in above the standard evoPOWER when it comes to price category; it's a technology advancement, a good one, but perhaps they should have kept it for a next-generation to spare the confusion.

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So what's the difference? The evoPOWER Vigor 1 Dot has a couple of key enhancements to differentiate it from the standard evoPOWER. Firstly, there's those prominent dots scattered across the full upper of the boot, which are AccuFoam 3D dots to regulate the uneven surface when striking the ball. In short, more controlled power. The other main upgrade is the knitted slip-on sock construction for increased fit and comfort. A next-level evoPOWER if you like, and a quick upgrade on a boot that has only been knocking around since the turn of the year.

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