First blood of 2017 goes to PUMA as the big cat launch their next-generation evoPOWER in typical Camo style. The evoPOWER Vigor 1 Camo marks a new era for the silo and is dressed in a limited edition wrap ahead of the launch colourway following later this month.

PUMA are kicking off the new year with a refreshed line-up that features the next-gen evoSPEED and the hi-collared evoTOUCH, and now an advanced portion of power. The biggest design overhaul yet in the evoPOWER series sees an upgraded silhouette that still uses the same concepts of maximising power and precision. 

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The next evolution of power and precision debuts in a camouflaged teaser to the evoPOWER Vigor 1. Engineered with numerous tech upgrades on the previous generation boot, the evoPOWER Vigor 1 Camo features the brand's latest accuracy-enhancing technology – the AccuFoam 3D PU dots. The dots are strategically molded to the lining of the upper to enhance shot speed and accuracy. One of the other big changes to the evoPOWER is the introduction of the one-way stretchable Adap-Lite upper. A slip on construction with strecthable sock that increases comfort – and the platform for where the AccuFoam 3D PU dots and GripTex is hosted.

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The Camo print takes inspiration from the groundsman turf patterns on the pitches the evoPOWER plays on and the outsole has been design by studying how force travels on the stance and kicking legs. In short, PUMA have done everything possible to ensure that this evoPOWER offers you the best tool to find comfort, power and the top corner.

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