Cleaner than the family laptop's internet history. Nike roll out a pristine white-on-white edition of the Tiempo Premier as they bring 2016 to a close in beautifully simplistic style.

Sitting alongside the "Triple Black" drop, the all white Tiempo Premier is a strong latecomer for heritage boot of the season, on a silhouette that has an understated level of cool. Caressed in luxurious k-leather, it's a boot to be held and worn throughout the house before you finally pluck up the courage to dirty up that spotless upper. But once you do, there's no regrets – the Premier is pure comfort and the all white provides a classy twist to tradition.

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The launch of the Tiempo Premier was welcomed as the pinnacle of Nike heritage cool, until it was dished out to Premier League referees, somewhat damaging that reputation, but the "Triple White" Nike Tiempo Premier and black editions restore that unspoken respect for players who wear a boot with such style and simplicity. You put all the mods and cons that you like on a football boot, all the innovation in the world, but you just can't upgrade a classic and the Nike Tiempo Premier is the peak of heritage perception.

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