You don't get a limited edition signature football boot for being average. To earn that reward you need to be special, you need to be better than special, in fact. You need to be the best. The greatest of all time, perhaps. Lionel Messi is that. For a player with such rare ability, adidas lay on the regal recognition with one of the most exclusive drops of 2016.

We're not gonna get your hopes up here... You probably ain't gonna get your sticky mitts on a pair. Just 100 pairs of the Messi 16 10/10 boots are being released by adidas as Messi takes his signature and exclusive series to the very top of the adidas Limited Collection most wanted list. How do you get a pair? Getting yourself to New York City would be a good start. Adidas have revealed plans to open a pop-up store somewhere in the Lower East Side and will open the doors at 1pm, on 10/10 of course. Don't expect them to still be open at 1.01pm.

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Jumping the queue to admire the view, we've shamelessly bagged a pair to take a closer look at before the hectic hunt begins. That's 99 left on the shelf. Soz. Each pair has been individually numbered from 1 to 100 as adidas crank up the hype from the previous Messi 10/10 launch in Barcelona last year, an event that saw collectors travel from all over the world to snag a chapter of the Messi legacy.

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Iridescent vibes surround the heel of the limited edition Messi16 10/10 colourway, while splashes of green and purple make up the upper visuals, with a metallic soleplate. Messi's signature sits on the instep while the 10/10 branding takes up the heel. Additional marks of exclusivity all over. Straight out the top draw these, you'll need to climb high to reach them. Let the chase begin.

Photography by @photonate for SoccerBible.