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adidas X 16+ Purechaos "Space Craft"

There's chaos on the gold rush as adidas drop a limited number of Space Craft X 16+ Purechaos football boots. Launched as part of the adidas Limited Collection the Space Craft X 16+ is pimped, painted and polished. Make some room on the mantlepiece.

By far the most distinct makeover to grace the adidas X 16+ Purechaos, the 'Space Craft' edition is inspired by reflective spacecraft material and the darkness of space to pull an outrageously striking aesthetic. Embossed golden adidas branding leaves the lace-covered upper to glisten whilst a k-leather forefoot panel provides a cushioned back-seat-of-a-pimps-limo feel. 

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A work of art as much as a fully functioning football boot, the adidas X 16+ Purechaos Space Craft is undeniably beautiful, even if you'd never have the sheer audacity and rock-hard, big-ol' glistening golden balls to pull them off on pitch. A shining crown that sits on top of the stellar adidas Limited Collection and a boot that defines what a limited edition drop is all about. Deliciously desirable.  

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Tech wise the Space Craft Purechaos football boots still features the trademark Dynamic Techfit Compression with Non-Stop Grip technology but it's all lovingly wrapped up in a majestic golden grasp with luxury leather lashings on the forefoot. Fit for a king, these. 

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