Because sometimes Superlight just ain't light enough. When the name of the boot is taken from the chemical symbol of helium then you know you're dealing with something special, and the "evoSPEED He" drops in as the brand's lightest ever competitive football boot.

Light, light, light. Football footwear has always obsessed over each and every milligram, the battle to strip a boot back to the very bones but still be match fit is an accomplishment that every boot brand has had a bash at, and PUMA have made the latest move with the evoSPEED He. A new see-through textile material upper is introduced to keep weight to an absolute minimum, whilst allowing the evoSPEED's internal support structure to provide a strong visual.

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The evoSPEED "He" uses the same sole-plate as the evoSPEED SL and sits in-line with the trademark PUMA Tricks vibe – the left boot is black and white, the right boot is white and "Red Blast". Only 200 pairs of the limited edition PUMA evoSPEED He boots are available worldwide so if you're contemplating a move, you better act swiftly.

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The evoSPEED family is the most diverse on the market and the "He" joins the evoSPEED SL, evoSPEED SL LTH, evoSPEED SL S, evoSPEED 1.5, evoSPEED 1.5 LTH & evoSPEED Fresh. Not easy to follow is it? Basically, if you want the lightest possible boot available, then the "He" is your solution.

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