Curved shapes, relentless class and a swoosh of colour from a palette that is inspired by an iconic sneaker, the 'Heritage Pack' instalment of the TiempoX dances through the decades much like its sneaker accomplice, the Air Max 1.

The Nike Air Max 1 is in a bracket of its own when it comes to producing the goods. The ability to cross genres as well as looks, it has lent its colour to the Nike FootballX 'Heritage Pack' in the shape of the TiempoX. Like a look away pass, the Tiempo is a statement for the charming player. Turning it on with comfort the key, this party is well placed on the courts, wrapped up in effortless style.

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A styled out leather finish coupled with a reworked tongue construction, these have been engineered to ensure nothing slides. Featuring microfibre tailoring all over with all eyes on the court, when the Air Max and Tiempo mix, you're only going to get one almighty outcome.

On sale now, don the swoosh here.