Smooth talking and fast walking. While the Magista Obra has been washed in many a colour, the latest serving is one of all out class while obliterating in flair. Taking in all things 'Radiant Reveal', this latest harmony of shades is a celebration on the senses.

Mighty fine and fluorescent all the same, this is one that'll keep you on high alert on the pitch while it could royally swoosh you off your feet if it was on a gallery wall. A work of art when it comes to innovation, while the aesthetic is one of multi-layered appreciation. A boot that changed the game, it's famed for its mid-cut Dynamic Fit Collar and while it continues to lock-down to the foot the evolution continues to flourish.

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While the 3D-Knot textured continues to to lure the eyes with its attraction, the textures that have been invented to offer maximum control now come with maximum colour. Special appreciation for a boot that is symbolic for a new wave for football design, this technology started in football but is now seen up and down the Nike product line. Daring on the feet, dazzling on the eyes.

Yes please. Pick 'em up from the 29th March.