Class is in session. Will the legacy of the Tiempo falter in the age of knitted boots and next-generation technology? Or, is this just the next great step in arguably the most consistently dominant boot in existence?

So, is the Tiempo still at the top of class or is age finally starting to show?

The Tiempo has never faltered at the top of the heritage pile. From the unforgettable original to the highly-praised Tiempo V, players could always expect a dreamy kangaroo leather created in an uber-dependable classic package. Now, with the arrival of the Nike Tiempo 6, players want to know if the Swoosh has played it safe or allowed the Tiempo to take its classic temperament and melt it together with all the stylings and tech of the future.

Where the Tiempo V took a few releases before the boot really hit its stride in the “looks" department, the Tiempo 6 has hit the ground running. A launch colorway that hit all the right notes has been followed by a gorgeous "Black/White/Metallic Gold" number that is a winner in any and every category. A massive Swoosh on the medial side of the boot leaves no doubt about the craftsmen of this show stopper, and we still find callouts for the Tiempo line and ACC tech on the instep of the boot. There are a few raised lines that causes some defined creases on the upper, but nothing like the Hypervenom or anything that takes away from the overall aesthetic. Say what you will, but these boots make us (or you) look good.

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Classic Tiempo comfort, or is the only plush thing about these boots the way they look?

Perhaps one of the greatest strengths of the Nike Tiempo 6 is the ability to take these boots straight out of the box and into the pitch. The comfort is great, and it only improves with each and every wear. We found the upper had truly gotten to that melted kangaroo leather feel after three or four sessions, but the break-in was virtually non-existent.

Nike has taken full advantage of the tongue-less design to make sure that, once you slip the boot on, the Tiempo 6 squeezes your midfoot to keep the boot snug as the leather stretches and molds to your foot. This boot, even without the ability to really loosen the tongue to slip the boot on, is not difficult to put on (even for most wider feet), so don't let the lack of a true tongue scare you away. Once your foot is finally in the boot, the synthetic liner is soft enough to keep any hot spots and blisters far, far away. The ridges you see under the upper come from an internal cage that Nike has vacuum sealed to the upper, giving the boot its shape while letting you experience quality leather comfort while still being as close to the ball as the material will allow (the internal cage also prevents overstretching).

The heel counter completes the set-up as it helps keep you locked in place, making it work well with the tongue design. The soleplate is the one thing that remains unchanged from the Tiempo V, but it falls directly under the label of “If it ain’t broke.” A high level of flexibility along with a high degree of dependability allows the kangaroo leather boot to function at its highest. Once you've slipped these royal slippers on and laced them up, you feel ready for anything that can be thrown at you.

It may look like a timeless classic, but can it meet the demands of the modern footballer?

Any user of a Tiempo (any Tiempo) can tell you that the boots are wondrous to play in. The Nike Tiempo 6 is no different in terms of enjoyment, but Nike has certainly given this boot the upgrades that we expect from a boot created in this day and age. While we’ve already droned on about the comfort (and, believe us, we could go on), the boot’s shining moment comes when you finally run out onto the pitch. Kangaroo leather can provide comfort...a great fit can do the same, but those aspects don’t mean that a boot will give you the confidence to light up the night.

The Nike Tiempo 6 is here to put the game to bed...right in the midst of the boot’s silky-smooth leather sheets.

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While nearly every classic leather boot is enjoyable on the ball, the Tiempo sets itself apart by bringing an incredible level of cushioning while giving such a close feel for the ball at your feet. Even for those that have become addicted to the feel of a barefoot style boot, the Tiempo allows you to feel every caress of the ball and still providing all of the killer aspects that we love to have in our leather boots. The soft, padded warmth whenever you are receiving a ball out of the air or bringing in a pass is the mark of a leather creation at the top of its game, and the feeling will soon have you demanding the ball from anyone and everyone on the pitch. The build of the Tiempo 6 gives this fantastic feel all the way across the boot, which is a major plus in today’s market where the touch on the ball can vary across every inch some releases. From the “tongue,” to the instep to the toe-box, it’s simply supple leather and a top-notch feel.

Once you finally get over hogging the ball at your feet just to take advantage of the Tiempo 6, launching 60 yard passes and blasting through shots will slap a smile on your face faster than Aubameyang snagging another goal this season. You get the perfect feel driving through the ball or curling a free-kick and there really isn’t a moment in your game where the boot doesn’t give you the perfect platform to shine. The boots might not make you a better player, but it isn’t every single day that a boot feels good enough to make you WANT to be a better player.

The soleplate is great on firm ground pitches, and the set-up will be effective on most newer AG pitches. The Tiempo continues to be the stalwart member of the Nike line in terms of durability, with the Tiempo 6 feeling like it can handle any weather/tackle/warfare that you throw at it. We also found that, where the Tiempo V could give some a bit of a fit when it came to finding their size, the Nike Tiempo 6 fits absolutely true to size.

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Have I already spent too long reading this instead of spending time with a pair?

When you set the bar for the heritage releases every single time you grace the market, it’s tough to imagine that you can continue any sort of upward trend. Still, the Swoosh has gone back under the hood of the iconic Tiempo and come back to us with another upgrade. The comfort? Upgraded. The touch? Upgraded. The soleplate? Well, it didn’t need any kind of upgrade anyway…

With Nike sticking a collar on everything and the newest synthetics adorning all their latest and greatest, it continues to show the massive strength of the sports giant to still be able to break out something that absolutely oozes class and quality (without a collar or unique synthetics).

We keep waiting for the Tiempo to struggle and drop a boot that somehow doesn’t improve a silo that holds a special place in any player’s heart. The Nike Tiempo 6 isn’t going to be that boot, and we won’t be moving on from this boot anytime soon. In fact, if you’ll excuse us, we think we’d like to go play another round. These are ours...go get your own.

A kangaroo leather masterclass...what else is there to say?