The top goalscorers in Europe's big leagues will undoubtedly bank seven figures per year from a boot deal. Jamie Vardy is the leading marksman in the Premier League and now, understandably, he's after a bigger slice of the cake.

With Vardy's current Nike deal set to expire, the Leicester City striker blacked out his Hypervenom boots against Manchester City in front of the Sky cameras to alert rival brands to his situation or to simply let Nike know that his new deal should have a couple of extra zeros on it. As Vardy chases the Premier League Golden Boot and looks likely to lead England into Euro 2016, not to mention being the most talked about player in the league this season, he's likely to get his wish of a new, considerably larger boot deal.

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He'd be an asset for any brand - his 100% commitment, determination and will to win would be the perfect assets for a strong marketing campaign and Vardy won't be short of offers in the coming weeks. The obvious choice would be to renew with Nike and continue to wear the Hypervenom in which he's scoring in, but Vardy has worn adidas in the past and they'll be looking to grab more of the England squad as the summer approaches. Looking further afield his confident under dog status may have Under Armour sniffing around too.

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