Rummaging through their Tiempo archives Nike dig deep to 2008 to pick out the "Metallic White/Team Red" Air Legend II, blow off the dust and reinvent it as part of the new Tiempo Legend Premier Pack.

Back to when colourways were predictably satisfying, when you'd wait for your favourite coloured Swoosh and snap it up. No shocks, less on-pitch visibility tactics, just solid pleasing designs. Of course that time had pros and cons, the creativity was limited but players were never left disgruntled and that's what people can relate to with the purity of the Premier. 

Some description

Taking one of the most beloved Air Legend II colourways and slapping it across a boot coated in k-leather is the most simple recipe for success and with it Nike create an alternative collection of footwear that sits away from the madness of their on-pitch range assigned to their professional players. 

Want a pair? Grab them here from Nov 16.