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Nike Magista Obra "Canvas/Volt"

The Magista has stood strong and accepted every eccentric bucket of paint poured over it since its release ahead of the 2014 World Cup but the new Tech Craft combo is arguably the most daring yet.

The launch of the Magista marked a significant checkpoint in the history of Nike Football by bringing Flyknit and collared-boots to the game. Replacing a players favourite in the CTR was always going to come with challenges and many players felt the jump from CTR to Magista was too far but the Tech Craft Pack helps to bridge that gap by offering the silo with a leather upper for a more traditional ball feel.


Layered with a smothering of leather the Magista Obra sits closer to the control roots on which the foundations of the CTR series were built on. The combination of Canvas and Volt explode on the upper like a violent chemical reaction but after a debut Tech Craft pack in the summer that was relatively understated we shouldn't have expected anything less.

Want a pair? Grab them here from Nov 12.


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