On a quest to offer the ability to carve complete control on every surface going, adidas have launched the ACE 16+ TKRZ.

Some guys are just turning up with tekkers. That was then and this is now. Reworked and reinvented with the intention of dominating all football surfaces away from grass, TKRZ remasters street style. Not just for the small sided player but the 11-a-sided showmen too, those midweek games under the lights might start to look a little different with these dynamic delights on show. With the ability to carve out a thirty yard pass while leaving the opposition in tatters having tricked 'em inside out, these shoes are designed for those multi-layered rulers of the roost - on hand to boss the streets.

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Breaking the boot down, it's no mere gimmick with performance enhancing design at the core of its creation. A 'TKRZ CTRL/FRAME' offering total control is designed to accommodate acceleration and agility while the upper is in place to serve a true touch - pure connection with the ball. Notably this technology is wrapped around the whole outsole, making its way round all aspects. Perfect when rolling your foot over the ball. The studs smaller too, it's a boot crafted for the specific needs of the street player.

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Packing a subtle punch with all eyes on the complete player, they're an extension of the body over standalone boots, it's 'stealth launch' colourway sets out the intentions. Take the streets in style, regardless of your pitch.

You can roll with the punches and lace these up here. Urban football, let the battle commence.