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New Balance Launch Debut Boot Collection

The wait is over. With a fresh formation and all out attack, New Balance enters the fray of the boot world once more with two new products.

Introducing the New Balance Visaro and Furon - two boots that aim to satiate our desire and anticipation as to what the brand has in store as part of their re-entry into the equipment world. Shaping each boots around a creative and attacking theme, for players looking to “Make Chances” all eyes are on the Visaro, while the other distinction of player, those wanting to “Take Chances” should be grabbed by the Furon. New Balance is looking to put the ball in the back of the net and although leading players to a boot that has been tailored for their position is not completely new to the boot world, the approach of the brand in making boots with an “outlook-specific” affliction certainly is.

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Coming in first for New Balance is the “Make Chances” Visaro. The boot that has been adorning Aaron Ramsey’s feet for the last few months and intriguing boot fans the world around has finally had the curtain pulled back. Designed for players who “need to be everywhere at once,” the Visaro’s honeycomb upper has finally been given a name: Vari-zone Ariaprene, meant to give the highest level of touch on the ball. The upper is combined with the Super-Flex soleplate that is designed for optimal traction and a “low pressure zone Instep” to create everything a player might need to “make” any chance.

While the Visaro creates, the Furon finishes.

In order to have the players finish their chances, New Balance has given the Furon all of the necessary tools. The boot is connected by, and given support by, the ultralight Fantom Fit cage. The soleplate has been given an ultra-directional stud design and has been stiffened to provide “exceptional energy return and unparalleled acceleration,” but the boot still shows New Balance’s devotion to comfort with a Fixed Revlite insock for top-tier cushioning. Just like the Visaro, the boot is built on a pro-form last to add to the comfort.

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With Ramsey in the Visaro, Manchester United’s Adnan Januzaj has been spending his time in the Furon. According to the attacker: “What has been clear right from the start is that New Balance set out to design a boot to help attacking players - I have worked closely with them from the original prototype to ensure they achieve this. This boot feels like it’s been made especially for me and I know others will feel the same way.”

With everyone curious to see what both of these boots have to offer, it’s great to see and extremely apparent that the New Balance designers and R&D team have been in constant contact with their players in order to create the best possible boots with the best possible design. That feedback might be exactly the type of thing that created these two different boots and all the different features that each boot has been customized with.

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Global Head of New Balance Football Richard Wright spoke with pride at the release of New Balance’s first boot range: “Over 90 minutes, players cover more ground than ever before and the distances run in football far exceed that of any other sport. We have a very strong heritage in running and applying this expert knowledge to the endurance and high intensity of football.”

Visaro and Furon are available to pre-order now from various stockists including Pro-Direct Soccer and will be available from 1st July 2015.


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